Cactus Wren in nest

A Cac­tus Wren in its nest.

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Cholla CactusChol­la Cac­tus is a favorite home of cac­tus wrens, who tend to build more than one nest in a sea­son. The nests fea­ture a very com­fort­able liv­ing space, accessed through a sin­gle open­ing that leads into an area usu­al­ly out of view and some­what pro­tect­ed by the chol­la nee­dles that share the space at the open­ing. The wrens have no trou­ble perch­ing on the chol­la nee­dles them­selves, an adap­ta­tion that is dif­fi­cult for rap­tors and rats to thwart.