Shovel-nosed snake

A Col­orado Desert Shov­el-nosed Snake forages.

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Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed SnakeWhy did the Shov­el-nosed snake cross the road? One might won­der what sort of invi­ta­tion or need a road might pose to an ani­mal, but the ques­tion is unan­swered for many species that have con­tact with the sit­u­a­tion. It may pro­vide a warm sur­face for a cold-blood­ed crea­ture to improve its tac­ti­cal hunt­ing skills.

Shov­el-nosed Snake pho­tos by Bar­bara Swanson
1/160 sec, f10, ISO100, matrix meter­ing with flash; 105 mm macro lens