Sidewinder rattlesnake

A lucky sidewinder is nar­row­ly missed by the wheel…

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A sidewinder rattlesnake…con­verse­ly, a lucky dri­ver is nar­row­ly missed by the sidewinder—when step­ping out of the vehi­cle, that is—unaware of the snake at his feet. It was not vis­i­ble due to its cam­ou­flage at the edge of the desert road, and was not real­ized until the back hatch of the vehi­cle was opened and it respond­ed by pro­duc­ing a sound sim­i­lar to a punc­tured tire. Each of the four tires was exam­ined with a camp­ing light to deter­mine which had the leak. The fourth tire was the charmer. The time and place was approx­i­mate­ly mid­night, mid-July, in the Ocotil­lo Wells area, with the air tem­per­a­ture around 100°. After a brief peri­od of pho­tog­ra­phy, the snake was encour­aged to move away from the wheels.

Sidewinder pho­tos by Lee McComb