A cholla removal method

A chol­la removal method.

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With a sub­stan­tial boot, a firm scrape against a con­ve­nient rock may do the trick. Coarse rocks work much bet­ter than smooth rocks because the spines are lined with tiny, one-way barbs.

Cholla spines in fingersCholla on a keychainLeft:Attempt­ing to remove the jumper with fin­gers or a swipe of the hand is almost cer­tain injury. The spines enter from all direc­tions. In this case, the trail scis­sors of a Swiss Army knife were used to cut away all but the pierc­ing spines. The pli­ers of the knife were then used to pull the spines out, one by one, with excru­ci­at­ing pain.
Right:A Ted­dy bear cac­tus pod hitched a ride on my leather key­chain when inad­ver­tent­ly rub­bing up against a cac­tus plant.

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