The geo­graph­ic loca­tor used on this page is the pop­u­lar tool “Maps Mark­er Pro.” The appli­ca­tion has enor­mous func­tion­al­i­ty although we use only a few of its many func­tions. The map below is the Post Map and can be used to access the posts shown by click­ing post markers.

Pass­ing the mouse point­er over any of the mark­ers in the Post Map below should acti­vate only a title pop­up, while click­ing on the mark­ers should acti­vate a pho­to pop­up, and final­ly, click­ing on the pho­to or the line of text “go to post” should bring you to that post.

A great option is to use the full screen mode by click­ing the lit­tle icon that has four expan­sion arrows either in the title bar in the pan­el below (top right) or the same icon among the con­trols on the left area of the pan­el. The map will reopen in its own brows­er tab. Oth­er options allow you to dis­play the map in var­i­ous dif­fer­ent car­to­graph­ic and col­orized formats.

Post Map